Top 3 betting books

Chance and entertainment

Reading is one of the best ways to let your imagination run wild and learn new things at the same time. In this compilation, I want to show you 3 of the best books about gambling, especially about casinos. Although it is not a very talked about topic, it is very interesting for many people.

People who are into gambling have been using books for years for different purposes, whether it’s looking for information or even anecdotes to develop their gambling. We have put together the ultimate list that will not only reveal some interesting stories, but also inspire you for your own success. You can read this article for more information.

Bringing Down the House

This is a true story about a group of academics (teachers and students) who came up with a good strategy to count cards and beat the dealer in any casino. The Blackjack team won about $10 million by devising a clever “detection” strategy to predict when the decks were “ready” for card counting. As far as gambling books go, this is one of my favourites, as it provides scientific evidence mixed with anecdotes.

Author Ben Mezrich has stayed true to the authentic story, without embellishing it other than for the purposes of the occasional joke. If you want to know from the inside out how the maths mavericks managed to beat the house and leave it sore for years, this is the book for you! It’s not too long, it’s very entertaining, and it won’t cost you anything to finish (and learn something new in the process!)

The Biggest Bluff

This book is a bit different from the others because it focuses on the psychological aspect of players (particularly poker players) with an element of suspense. The author Maria Konnikova is a psychologist and describes in detail how she uses psychology to understand and even predict how people behave in different contexts. In this way, she used her psychology skills in the field of gambling.

This woman won more than $311,000 and this number increases month by month, as she continues to sit at live poker tables and face different opponents. At the same time, she continues to work as a psychologist, researcher and writer. Poker is just one of those hobbies she keeps on the sidelines.

The Formula for Fortune

In 1956, scientists at Bell Labs (named Shannon and Kelly Jr.) decided to get rich as quickly as possible. To do so, they decided to try casino games and the stock market, using scientific theories such as information theory, to create the so-called “Kelly criterion”, also called the fortune formula for getting richer and richer.

Shannon and Kelly did their best to test their hypothesis, from card games and slots in casinos to the stock market and stocks to Wall Street. Each time, they made more and more money. This investment strategy would later be taken up by Warren Buffet himself.

Whether you like sports or casino games, this book is surely one of the best books on gambling you can read today.


With these books, besides hours of entertainment, I am sure you will learn a lot. Not only about the world of casinos, but also about strategies for betting on your own, if you wish. I am sure you will enjoy your reading time with these excellent books.