4 essential books for roulette lovers

The British author J.K. Rowling, known worldwide as the author of the ‘Harry Potter’ book series, once said: “If you don’t like reading, you haven’t found the right book“. Many people are very sceptical about reading. However, that initial doubt can be dispelled by finding a book related to something you personally enjoy. There are books on many different subjects, including the world of gambling. Gambling enthusiasts have long turned to literature, whether for inspiration, anecdotal stories or a deeper understanding of the game. While experience is important to understanding the game, books offer a wealth of useful information for all players.

Roulette books are one of the most widely read forms of gambling literature. Most players who play roulette regularly have at least one roulette book. Whether you are new to the game or an experienced player, there is always something new to learn in these types of books. There are many books on roulette, although not all of them offer relevant and useful information on the highlights of the game.

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games today and has held that position for centuries. An exciting game that was played by Fyodor Dostoyevsky himself. In fact, the Russian writer, one of the most influential authors of 19th century Russian literature, captured his passion for roulette in the novel ‘The Gambler’ (1866), which he wrote over a period of six weeks using his experience at the gaming tables. However, in addition to fiction, there are authors who have published a number of theoretical books for roulette enthusiasts, discussing their experience, strategies and playing techniques. Below, we have listed four books for gambling enthusiasts to delve into the exciting world of roulette, where anything can happen after the ball is thrown on the wheel.

Thirteen Against the Bank’ (Norman Leigh, 1976)

Norman Leigh is one of the most famous roulette players in history. In his book, the Briton tells the true story of how he went with a group of 12 people to the Casino de Nice in the summer of 1966 with the aim of breaking the bank by systematically winning at roulette with the Labouchere inverse method. Although it is an old story, which is far removed from today’s context dominated by online casino games, ‘Thirteen Against the Bank’ keeps the reader’s’ attention throughout and anyone interested in roulette is likely to enjoy reading the book.

Casino Gambling for Dummies (Kevin Blackwood, 2006)

This book, originally titled ‘Casino gambling for dummies’, is packed with really useful information on all the most popular games in the casino world, including roulette. It is essential reading for those new to gambling, especially now that it is easier than ever to enjoy roulette games at online casinos. Players can learn the basics of casino games, the odds in different game modes and how best to manage bankrolls effectively, among many other things.

The Fabulous History of the Pelayos (Gonzalo García-Pelayo, 2003)

In this small list of roulette books, ‘La fabulosa historia de los Pelayos’ could not be missing. Written by Gonzalo García-Pelayo, the book tells the story of this Spanish family that toured casinos all over the world breaking the bank in gambling establishments during the 1990s. All thanks to the analysis of the physical deviations of the roulette wheel, which caused certain numbers to repeat constantly. An action-packed book that will captivate any reader, especially those with a fondness for gambling, and specifically for roulette.

Probabilities and utilities in roulette (Catalin Barboianu, 2008)

Mathematician Catalin Barboianu offers a mathematical description and analysis of roulette probabilities in his book ‘Probabilities and utilities in roulette’. It is a book for experienced players, as it discusses a complex set of advanced calculations and formulas that analyse different bets common in roulette. A theoretical book, but mainly dedicated to the application of theory, it is an essential manual for all those gambling enthusiasts who are going to play European or American roulette. Although it can be a rather complicated book, players with good mathematical skills will appreciate it.