EUCLID is founded in 1991. Foundation meeting/conference was held in Stutgart on 5-6 October 1991. Representatives of 29 institutions from 14 countries (namely Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and UK) participated in the foundation meeting (Minutes from Foundation Metting can be accessed here).

At this meeting, the need for an European association for LIS education was raised and discussed. The name EUCLID was accepted by the members. Basis of the Membership decided to be institutional. A board of five persons would be responsible for the administration of the organization: one chairman and four members which should represent the different parts of Europe.

Ole Harbo (repsesenting the North Europe) was elected as the first chair. Tom Wilson (representing the West of Europe), Merce Bosch Pou (representing the South of Europe), Geza Fulop (representing the East of Europe) and Peter Vodosek (representing the centre of Europe) were elected as the members of the first EUCLID board.

Photos from Foundation Meeting


Participants of the foundation meeting of EUCLID


The founding fathers of EUCLID: Tom Wilson from Sheffiled, Ole Harbo from Copenhagen and Tor Henriksen from Oslo