The Association is governed by an elected Board consisting of 5 or 7 members, including the chair, representing different geographical regions of Europe. The board and the chair are elected by the Council.

  • The Council is the highest organ of the Association. It consists of one representative from each member institution
  • The Board members are elected for 3 years by the Council (full members only)
  • Among the elected Board members the Council elects a chairperson for 3 years
  • Members of the Board can be re-elected for a further term of 3 years
  • If a Board member leaves office during a term the rest of the Board may co-opt a new Board member from the same geographical region
  • The Board decides upon association matters between Council meetings
  • The Board decides how to distribute obligation such as treasurer, secretary and editor of the newsletter among themselves
  • The secretariat of the Association is the Chairperson
  • The Board shall meet at least twice a year